Monday, 21 May 2018

Which Biker Rings is Right for You?

Are you a passionate rider and opting for some chunky-funky accessories to look cool? Then, here is an extensive range of collection of the finger pieces of jewelry to choose from.

Biker Rings

If you are an ardent r, then you should know a fact of the significance of using right biking accessories and the value they add to your personality. The motorcyclists are often very concerned about their accessories, and they are also ready to go any level to get the right accessories. The finger pieces of jewelry are one of the most popular and significant accessories that are known to reflect the personality of the rider. They will feel proud to wear those pieces of jewelry that complement their character. If you are one of the fanatical riders looking for the perfect riders’ finger jewelry to add more style to your character then, knowing the types is essential.

Knowing about the skull finger jewelry

Skull design on biker rings provides a rough and robust appearance that is the most significant characteristic of the right accessories for men. Men like dark and bold colors, rugged look, and also sturdy accessories to wear. Skull design offers the rugged look to the trinkets whereas some materials such as stainless steel, titanium, or silver provide more strength to them.

Stainless steel biker rings

Tattoo Design accessories

When it comes to choosing the proper finger accessory, you have to make sure that it suits your personality. Selecting the biker rings by Fashiononelink would be one of the excellent options for you. Tattoo Design finger accessories have gained massive popularity amongst people. You will surely find different tattoo designs entrenched on a hard metal accessory made of silver, stainless steel, or even titanium. If you are looking for the cheap tattoo design jewelry, then you can go for the stainless steel bands or opt for titanium if you wish to purchase the expensive ones.

Biker rings wholesale

Pure and Plain trinket

Some motorcyclists prefer every day and genuine accessories to add to their personality. Plain and refined stainless steel and silver bands offer the clean and shiny look, and they come in the low budget as well. The plain titanium bands are luxurious, and they remain shiny forever. Plain rings are an absolute good choice for those people who have to wear both casuals and formals in their day to day life. It is one of the fantastic designs that go with almost every outfit.

The stone rider rings

These accessories are trendy along with the specified group of motorcyclists only. It contains the mix of stylish material along with stones to produce any stylish rings for men. These kinds of pieces of jewelry are not much in demand as compared to others. Apart from these, one can also go for the customized rings as well. There are a considerable number of riders are there who prefer some personalized accessories to add value to their personality.

biker jewelry from China

In the personalized accessories you have the selection of selecting the preferred material, design, and look. Though, you must be more careful while offering the right size and then selecting the accurate vendor to customize the product. To know better about it, you can also take the help from different online portals too.

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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Find High-Quality Trendy Stainless Steel Rings at Fashiononelink.Com

Stainless steel biker rings is focusing on offering Fashion Accessories to clients from all over the world; no matter where you are from, US, European, Asia or any other parts of the world, you just need to remember one link (, type it onto the browser and press ENTER key to connect the internet, then all your necessary Fashion Jewelry and Accessories can be found, such as Stainless Steel Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Tungsten Jewelry, Magnetic Jewelry, Body Jewelry, Watches, Cufflinks, Tie Bar, Key chains, Money Clips, Jean Chains (wallet chains), Anklets, Belt Buckles and so on.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Fashion One Link - Your Guide to Buying Stainless Steel Jewelry

Summary: the guide to buying an accessory is simple. Buy which suits your style. Apart from style, an accessory reflects your sense of fashion and aesthetics.

The choice for something different

The choice for the unique jewelry has been a recent trend in the arena of fashion. Instead of the expensive gold, diamond, and silver, fashionistas are opting for the unusual material like steel, copper and much more blending affordability and variation perfectly. It is essential to choose the right kind of metal while buying any accessory. You need to wear it according to the scenario and the clothing you are wearing. Sometimes it has been reported that specific kind of metals causes allergies in particular skin types. Moreover, the traditional accessory materials are hugely expensive nowadays making it almost inaccessible to a significant chunk of buyers. That is why the popularity of the stainless jewelry has peaked up in recent times.

Steel Earrings

With a plethora of festivals and carnivals all year around, China is indeed a place for the revelers who want to celebrate the life to the fullest. With so much popularity, no wonder the country is also leading in the field of offbeat fashions. With an array of designs and the varieties to crave for China stainless steel jewelry wholesale online is indeed a place where you should look upon for your next day out inspiration. Such accessories are capable of long-time durability with ease of maintenance. This alloy is capable of flexibility giving its accessories precise and perfect designs at pretty affordable rates. Due to its rust free property, the shine would last longer than you imagine and they are non-allergic to almost any skin type.

The place to look upon

this festive season, adopt this fad and cool accessories and make China stainless steel jewelry wholesale online by Fashiononelink a one stop and only destination ion for shopping your favorite accessories. Here you can find a plethora of exquisitely designed accessories by expert designers and artisans with a smooth finish.  The most popular collection from the brand is the accessory for piercing. The brand's steel piercing accessories are specially made with low nickel percentage and the totally healthy finish. In short, particular attention has been taken so that it does not contain any kind of infections.

Steel Pendants

For the fashion accessories, the metal is anodized producing beautiful reflections and combinations of the plethora of colors from gold to rosy pink, from matte white to glossy black. Along with these impressive color combos, the metal is blended with unique craftsmanship that will produce a diversity of designs to envy for. You can also opt for the various assortments of rings, bracelets, chains, necklaces, nose piercings, earrings, ear piercings and many more. The best thing about this material is that these accessories are totally androgynous. Men, women, children can wear them regardless their age and preferences. The portal also has an exclusive section for the customized jewelry, where the users can give their own designs and the shapes. the team of expert designers would work tirelessly to give way to your desire and imagination. so this festive season, opt for steel to stand out of the crowd.

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Friday, 16 February 2018

What Are the Most Popular Men's Biker Rings in 2018?

The choice for the excellent and unique design for the fashion statement is necessary to make a correct statement in the sector of getting up and the aesthetics.

The numerous way of style statement

The riding of the motorcycle or the bike is a kind of adventurous sports. Riding at high speed and fantastic style reflects the free spirit willing to take any risk. The bike riders not only see their transport as a means of communication. They render their vehicle as the medium to show a new meaning of adventure by letting go of all boundaries and rules.  To display their carefree attitude, they often would style and dress up themselves in the ultra-tough way. Such unique sense of ‘tough fashion' gave rise to a separate fashion genre, known as gothic or bikers fashion.

Skull rings for men

The main motto of this specific genre is to symbolize the riders' ‘devil may care attitude.' Apart from the dressing sense, which is most visible, they also swear by a vital accessory biker rings. But why rings? This is because, whenever a rider grips up at their pillions handling bars, their fingers and its rings or halos are on full display. Therefore, to display its full courage and grace, more and more riders around the world are opting for the halos to show off their attitude. It allows the rider to make their expression evident with the touch of creativity to spread a message of solidarity and unity among the passengers worldwide.

The latest and the most demanding style

Contrary to popular belief, this history of the rider halo is ancient and ranges back to the 1950's Mexico.  There are numerous designs that you can choose from for making a good style statement. Buy an infinite number of Biker Rings by for standing out in the crowd making everyone go gaga over you.

Mens skull rings for sale

Among various style that is going to make a mark in this New Year and most wanted by the regular and amateur bikers alike, the skull rings are exceedingly popular among biking fraternity. Generally comes up with the metallic base, some of them even have small gemstones attached to the eye sockets giving it a glittery look. This is, because, the circles with the bold and ferocious skull sign not only inspires confidence but also reflects the courageous and risk taker image that the adventurers carry with them. 

With the assortments and sets of designs that are both attractive and customizable, many options are available to choose from. For example, if you are a regular rider, then you can go for light and casual accessories. But if the biking adventure is your full-time passion, then opt for the bold and bulky one which would serve the purpose of both shield and funkiness. Therefore it is essential to select according to your preferences and requirement. For example, if you are a regular rider, then you can go for light and casual accessories. But if the biking adventure is your full-time passion, then opt for the bold and bulky one which would serve the purpose of both shield and funkiness.

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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Fashiononelink.Com Offers Discounts on Biker Accessory

What is the first thing that you notice about the members of a biker gang? It is their attitude. How they rule the roads and throw caution to the wind makes one admire their lifestyle. But that is not all. They have a unique style of dressing. The headbands, the tattered jeans, and the leather jackets enhance their personality. But the look will not be complete without the chunky fingerings, thick stainless steel bracelets and special earrings. These are termed as biker jewelry, and you too can get all these accessories on

The best part of the site is the massive collection that it houses. If you have any biker jewelry related requirement, then you will find it on the site. Biker Pendants, Biker Rings, Biker Earrings, Biker Bangles, Biker Necklaces are just a few categories that you will find here. There is something for both men and women. The best thing about these trinkets is the awesome quality. On top of that, the site offers jaw-dropping discounts throughout the year. Missing out on these amazing discounts is not a wise decision. Whether you have a bike or not, start collecting these amazing grunge trinkets as soon as possible from

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

How to Find the Ultimate Biker Jewelry for Couple?

Biker jewelry is intended for those people who cannot see their life without their bikes, and this specific form of trinkets also gets brought by them.

Biker Jewelry for Couple

Biking is one of the happiest and happening hobbies for the youth. The long bike rides make the couple form a strong while biking and naturally makes them come closer. Since a couple can share the same hobby and have the same passion for bikes and bike riding they can go one step further to decorate themselves with biker jewelry for better looks. They also need to make sure that the trinket goes with the overall flow and looks of the bike.

Biker Pendants

Looks of the bike

Before buying the ridertrinket one should first be certain about the looks of their bike. They need to make sure that the trinket which they are buying looks similar to the shape of their vehicle. Although this is not a compulsion, one can look good with the right kind of trinket on their body and also look more dashing while riding their bikes. The biker ornament also helps instill a sense of confidence and a certain boost to personality to the rider.

Biker Rings

The round shaped rings with certain gemstones attached are the most demanded form of trinkets on the market right now. There are also various other forms of biker trinkets like chunky trinket rings and specific skull rings. As such one should even look at Biker Jewelry by Fashiononelink for a wide range of selections of ridertrinket. This would help narrow down the search for the perfect trinket for bike riders.

Various other forms of Jewellery

Biker Earrings

Even though a couple might have a similar taste in bike riding and they may even prefer the same form of bikes, but men and women can still be fundamentally different when it comes to choosing trinkets for themselves. Males still prefer chains. Men still prefer the more bulky and heavier mass of the massive steel chains. If one looks at ad try enough, they can also find a strong chain which will be similar to those chains present around the wheels of the bike. This makes the rider more attractive.

Biker Bracelets

The women, on the other hand, can opt for lighter and durable chains which get made from stainless steels which are light and quite durable. The rings are also another option for the riders. Furthermore, the rings can also get engraved with wordings and cravings which can make it look more attractive and give it a more gothic feel.

Biker Bangles

It also makes the riders feel more confident with their riding. And last but not the least is the option of piercings. Piercing is largely followed by both men and women and has become a gender-neutral practice. Small trinkets like earrings can also get worn under the helmet, and hence it does not obscure ones riding like certain other heavier trinkets might do. This makes the rider more comfortable with their riding. Earrings are thus a more comfortable and laid back form of dressing and are more relaxing and not more taxing than other forms of heavier jewelry.

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Sunday, 10 December 2017 A one-stop-shop for grunge jewelry (Infographic)

Whether you are a member of a biker gang or not, one cannot deny that the popularity of the biker accessories has been increasing in the market. The fashion industry has been experimenting with this style of ornaments for long. The use of the Gothic motifs and bold designs impart gravity to the personality of the person wearing these trinkets. If you want to stand out in the crowd, then the biker accessories from are a must-have.

A unique thing about these ornaments is that both men and women can wear these. There is no segregation by gender. All you need is a biffing attitude to carry them. If you are passionate about your style statement, then enhance it further by purchasing trinkets from People who desire to increase the beauty of their hands can opt for the biker bracelets or fingerings.
You can rest assured that the quality is up to the mark and you will get the actual worth of your money. When you purchase something from the site, they will arrange to deliver the accessory to the particular address. If you are looking for the right biker earrings or pendants, then this site has an unending collection for you.